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Cannoying in Nepal

Canyoning is an extreme sport geared to the ultimate sport enthusiast. It is an activity that involves
abseiling, sliding, jumping, swimming, and climbing down waterfalls through steep canyon walls to deep pools. This unique combination of skills gives the intrepid canyoneer the freedom to explore some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places in the world.

As many true adventure seekers have discovered, the most exciting spot for swimming begins at the very edge of a 45m waterfall. After the first descent, we abseil another 25m down a steep canyon, past wild rock formations, through powerful blasts of water. At the end of the excursion, we make our last jump and submerge ourselves into a pool. Once on the ground, we rest on a beach within the canyon walls and swim out between narrow boulders.

From sheer cliffs and slides to pounding waterfalls, you will experience all the joys of canyoning. Despite all the fun and games, this sport requires the guidance of an expert. Our instructors are experienced canyoneers and believe that the practice of safe canyoning necessitates the proper gear, continual vigilance and a good knowledge of the aquatic environment.


Our canyoning site is located some 100 km outside Kathmandu valley, on the Kathmandu-Tibet highway. Its possible to make the trip and return to Kathmandu in one day but comfortable lodges and safari style tented camps are available to take it at ease. You can make the resort your base for canyoning trips and also avail the opportunity to raft on the 3-4 grade rapids of Bhotekoshi River or learn some kayaking techniques from our expert instructors..You can also try the world's longest free fall-The Ultimage Bungy...all adventures at one go....

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Canyoning is an extreme sport geared to the ultimate sport enthusiast ....

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