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Mr.Binod Jang K.C

Mr.Binod Jang K.C

Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd is committed to being the world's leading source of Asian travel experiences and related products, information and services. Our mission is to offer the traveler unforgettable travel experiences through our wide range of selective, high quality, value of money packages. Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd website is designed for you, to make your travel planning experience easier, secured and more affordable. Our head office (based in Kathmandu) open at 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM from Sunday to Friday but our operation department will open and stand by 7 days a week to ensure your comfort on the journey with us.

Superior customer care is our highest priority - from the products offered, to the traveler care provided before, during and after the trip.

Nepal is a unique country, where you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, nature, cuisine, arts and architecture brimming with unlimited number of fun and frolic, unforgettable adventures and a plethora of temples and monuments.

Having been in the tourism industry of Nepal for more than a decade, Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd is the finest travel agency and tour operator in Nepal propelled by experienced staffs. Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd is well equipped with transport system and trained staff to cater all kinds of tourists having different tastes and temperaments. We always take care of our clients as family members and do not hesitate to extend any kind of care and attention when and where needed. We don't compromise in service because Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd believes in the BEST in everything.

Known for its innovative ideas, reliability and value for money, Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd is always a leader in making tour successful, remarkable and memorable. Clients' satisfaction has always been on the top of its agenda. We are committed to give the tourists best time in Nepal with all possible hospitality.

We look forward to welcome you all in Nepal.

With warm regards,

Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd

Nabil Travel & Tours Pvt.Ltd,
Nagpokhari, Kathmandu,Nepal.
Tel: 977 +011 +4438640/4438641. Fax:977 +011 +4438641.
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The Paraglyding in Nepal is lifetime expereince,you can enjoy the High Hills,view magnificant Himalayas and many more magestic panaromic view ...

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